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you desire. we design.

we are even. you are prime.

Hello there.

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Pauze cafe

Our studio


Imagine an even playing field. Flat, smooth, leveled, equal. stable.

We believe 'everyone has the right to good design.'

We are even-ly accessible for all scales and budgets.



Everyone wants to be the main character. Be primary. Be prime. We get that. When you choose us, you become our prime.


We are even. You are prime. 


I have bought the entire stationery section at Ikea. I am told if I keep this up there will be an intervention. I am a hands-on designer. I sketch, build, tinker around with objects, cut, fold, stick, and fill my brain and desk with ideas and creations. I think I need (and deserve) stationery to do all of that! Lots of it. 


You will always find me hungry. For delicious food, inspiring stories, and new ideas!

I have a little son which gives me a fantastic excuse to play with toys and blocks and puzzles! It also keeps me agile, creative, young, and always fascinated by how curiously a child’s brain works! I teach slightly older kids (Gen Z) architectural design, and learn a thing or two from them.


Oh and I have a degree in architecture, a license to practice, and about 15 years of experience working independently and with some pretty cool designers (INSERT NAMES). Born and bred in Panvel, I speak Marathi, Hindi, English and what we call Bumbaiyya (a mixture of all three).


I value freedom over all else. My own and of others. I admire larger-than-life creative work; fantasy fiction, space stuff, large sculptures (David by Michelangelo is breathtakingly) AI, geometry, the ocean!—I find it all very cool. These flights of imagination keep me inspired to design: from simple objects to townships.  
You will find me playing cricket at 6 am (I sincerely believe the Indian cricket team lost something the day I was asked to study and not  pursue a career on the field).
travel like an architecture geek, scrounging for iconic structures and art across the world. I hold a masters in Critical Spatial Practices  from SAC Frankfurt, Germany. I have worked independently for most of my 15 year long career (freedom!), with most of clients coming from word-of-mouth referrals. This has made me pretty great at management, problem solving, and being perceptive. You could say, I speak fluent client. 
Find me either eating or planning my next meal. My plan is to drive from India to Spain. I speak English, Malayalam, Bumbaiyya/Hindi, and  a little German.  SSpontaneity fuels my creative practice.

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Don't know where to start? We got you.

basically, you want to build 

Choosing an architect/designer can be overwhelming, 

we will simplify that process for you. 


renovate, extend, re-build, develop, stylise, launch


home, office, hospital, farmhouse, restaurant, store, school, mall, residential building, exhibition


soon and within a budget.

Know exactly what you want? 
We love that. Tell us everything!

Connect with us


Still lost?
We got you.

We work with all scales, all budgets, and all kinds of spaces.

We are picky about one thing —

our clients.
Just as you should be picky about —

your designer!


Here is a  great way to get a feel of how we work   >>>

Let's find out if we are a good match!

a Concept Design Service typically includes >

  • a site visit

  • client brief questionnaire

  • ​interrogation of the brief

  • site analysis and investigation (including preliminary assessment of statutory and regulatory requirements)

  • 2-3 concept design directions (we do this together)

  • refinement of selected option based on client feedback

  • report for costing by Quantity Surveyor

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